Botulinum its for Both Women and Men

Botulinum its for Both Women and Men


Women are not the only ones who desire to curtail the inevitable lines and wrinkles that begin to appear on their face. Men are also looking for options to maintain a younger appearance through cosmetic enhancements like Botulinum. 

When it comes to fast, effective treatments for reducing the signs of aging, Botulinum is the most popular option available. This safe injectable has helped millions of people soften lines and wrinkles that add years to their face. However, while many people may think this is a product targeted toward women, both genders enjoy the benefits. Botulinum can have a positive impact for both men and women, giving them a youthful, more energetic appearance. 


Even though Botulinum is the most common cosmetic procedure used in the U.S., many people are misinformed on exactly how this biological agent works to minimize the signs of aging. Botulinum toxin type A, or Botulinum, has been approved by the FDA to treat various conditions since 1989, specifically approved for cosmetic treatment for frown lines, between the eyebrows in 2002, and crow's feet around the eyes. This toxin is derived from the Clostridium botulinum bacteria and is one of seven toxins it produces. 

Botulinum works to soften the appearance of certain lines and wrinkles through selective muscle denervation. This is a medical term for a temporary paralysis that Botulinum causes in the muscle. This occurs by Botulinum blocking the targeted muscle receptors for acetylcholine, a chemical that causes the muscle to contract. By stopping this muscle contraction, Botulinum softens lines and wrinkles that are caused by these contractions, creating a smoother, more youthful appearance. 


What makes Botulinum such a popular procedure for both men and women is how fast and effective the treatment is without down time. Botulinum injections are extremely quick, only taking a few minutes to undergo the procedure in an office visit with a medical professional. Patients can get in and get out without a large investment in time, making it a convenient option to reduce the signs of aging. 

Botulinum is injected directly to the targeted muscles causing what are referred to as "dynamic wrinkles" or wrinkles that deepen with muscle contraction. Within 48 hours, the effects of the agent begin to curtail muscle contraction, with noticeable aesthetic differences within three to seven days after the procedure. 

Another reason Botulinum is the number one cosmetic procedure for reducing lines and wrinkles is that the effects last for months, yet they are temporary. Most people will continue seeing the benefits of Botulinum for about four months before the effects will begin to wear off. Since the toxin is temporary, those unsure of undergoing a permanent cosmetic procedure are more willing to try Botulinum. If they are happy with the treatment, they only need to have injections two to three times a year. For those that only want to try the product, they can have the peace of mind that it is only temporary if they decide not to continue with treatments. 


When Botulinum first became popular, women were the target audience. After all, women had traditionally been the gender that spent the most money on anti-aging products. However, having a more youthful appearance is desired by both men and women, making Botulinum the perfect gender-crossover product. The treatment has become so popular with men that it has even earned its own nickname, "Bro-tox." 

Whether it is to look more virile for their partner, competing with younger co-workers in the workplace, or just to bolster their own self-esteem, there is no doubt that Botulinum is becoming commonplace amongst men. Between 2000 and 2014, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons has reported a 337 percent increase in the number of men seeking Botulinum. In 2014, over 400,000 men received the treatment in the U.S., and those numbers continue to grow with each year as more men discover the positive impact Botulinum can have on their appearance and confidence. 

The stereotype that striving to look younger and more attractive is only for women is finally being put to rest with the emergence of Botulinum. When it comes to wanting a safe, effective option to slow the signs of aging, with Botulinum, men and women are finally on an even playing field.